PhD Students

2006-2011 Emma Dahl (Uppsala University). “Physiological and environmental processes influencing growth strategies in amphibian larvae”, co-supervised with Anssi Laurila and Svante Windberg.

Master Students

2013 Baptiste Pasteur (Uppsala University-University of Burgundy). “Induced immune response and local adaptation to ecological and environmental factors in the moor frog, Rana arvalis“.

2012 Andrea Murillo (MEME Master in Evolutionary Biology). “Developmental plasticity in response to changes in breeding phenology: quantitative genetics and the costs of compensatory strategies”.

Research Training Students

2012 Nora Kolter. “Do competitive interactions affectcompensatory growth strategies in anuran larvae exposed to changes in time-constraints?”.

2011 Jordi Estefa. “Phenology and life-history strategies in amphibians under climate change”.

Picture 160


Jean-Marc Bonzom. Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute, France.
Clare Bradshaw. Stockholm University, Sweden.
Pablo Burraco
. Doñana Biological Station-CSIC, Spain.
Sergey Gaschak. International Radioecology Laboratory, Chornobyl Centre, Ukraine.
Anssi Laurila. Animal Ecology, EBC, Uppsala University, Sweden.
Emilien Luquet. Claude Bernad Université Lyon 1, France.
Alfredo G. Nicieza. University of Oviedo, Spain.
Rui Rebelo. University of Lisboa, Portugal
Alex Richter-Boix. Animal Ecology, EBC, Uppsala University, Sweden.
Gunanidhi Sahoo. North Orissa University, India.
Ana Elisa Valdés. Dept. Organismal Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden.